Dog Bed

Since it was not known whether canine-related sleep disturbance has a major or minor effect on the total amount and quality of sleep, a research team from the Mayo Clinic, headed by Salma Patel, decided to look into the question. These investigators used actimeters (movement detectors), which were strapped onto both humans and dogs. The investigative team used these devices to monitor sleeping patterns over a seven-day period. Specifically they looked at sleep efficiency, which is measured by comparing the amount of time you spend actually sleeping to the amount of time you are in bed overall. A sleep efficiency of 80 percent or more is considered to be sufficient. The study found that when sleeping with a dog in the bedroom — but not on the bed — people maintained an 83 percent sleep efficiency, which meets those satisfactory standards. Allowing the dog to sleep on the bed caused only a minor drop in sleep efficiency, to an average slightly above the acceptable 80 percent mark. This is despite the fact that people with a dog in their bed did, in fact, wake up more frequently throughout the night compared to those whose dog slept elsewhere. The previous research was correct in demonstrating that people sharing their bed with a dog did experience some sleep disturbance. However, in terms of the total amount of sleep obtained each night, the effects were negligible. Source: Joi Ito photo - Creative Commons License It is interesting to note that having a human companion next to you in bed did not cause similar sleep disturbances.

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Dog Bed
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